Tuesday, November 17, 2009

whirl and twirl

This is a whirligig we have had
on our fence for many years.
Chris has repaired it and a few

Many people have shown interest
in buying them. Up until now
we didn't really know who or how
to reproduce them. Well,
Chris has figured it out.
He is best friends now with the
local bike shop and their graveyard
of broken bikes. Recycling gears
and such....here you go.
For purchase at


  1. Randy Jones, who lives in Tacoma, made your original whirligigs about 20 years ago or whenever Bunnies by the Bay opened. At that time he was in residence in Greenwood, here in Seattle. He also has repaired the power station whirligigs at 103rd & Daytona in Seattle originally constructed by Moses Lake folk artist, Emil Gierke in the 1970s. Randy is a sculptor, artist and mobile maker, and is currently building a studio that he designed in the upper east end of Tacoma. He has a warehouse full of found objects and will continue in this vein. He has shown at Black Lab Gallery in Ballard, and the now defunct Brave Dog Dead Dg Gallery which was in the Toshiro Kaplan Building before King County turned it into artists' studios.

  2. Oh I love it!! When I move into a new house I shall purchase one.


  3. How fun are those creations, works of art...

  4. Love the whirligig... interesting, I saw one at an estate sale yesterday in the front yard and it made me think of Bunnies By the Bay. Years ago a very close friend of mine lived in Mt. Vernon, I helped her open a garden shop. (Through the Garden Gate.)
    We love coming to La Conner in the Spring - we'll for sure want to visit you.
    Would love prices for whirligig - would you e-mail me. Glad/Junebug


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