Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lights of hutch

It's fair to say that the lights of hutch studio are quite unique.  Look up, down, in, or out and you will notice many interesting pendants, lanterns, shades, and tea lights.  Not all are for sale but some are.  The porch light (pictured above)is one of the NFS examples and it is the first light you see as you enter our shop.  An original fixture to the house that I would date to approximately circa 1900.
The next two lights are for sale at the shop (call for details).  To the left is an inverted colander lamp and to the right a "Newman" light.  I call it a "Newman" because it is made from a repurposed "Newmans Own" sauce jar.  I collaged old newsprint and paper cut-outs onto the glass and then applied an amber tinted finish.  They sit inside one of our hutches.
The two most dramatic fixtures in the studio are the "Red Spiral Parisol" and the large "Chinese Bird Lantern". The parisol is hand painted and the Chinese lantern has collaged bird imagery in the tinted glass panels. Don't forget to look up or you might just miss these stunning objects of illumination.
The last lights pictured are two examples of a "childlike magic".  the tiny 2 1/2 inch house made with old book pages glows from the warmth of a battery operated tea light. The "Squirrel House" that hangs on the wall (pictured here without its roof), also has a battery operated light that shines on a paper cut image of a squirrel in an oak tree.  I almost get more excited about the shadows that the cut out casts on the back wall, but "Shadows" are another blog post entirely.

Give a call tho the studio if you would like more information about any of the lights in the post.  I will try my best to shed some light.  #360-466-2303


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