Friday, April 15, 2011

The Boat Project

~ The Boat Project ~
"From junk to junk"

One of the latest projects at hutch studio is a large wooden boat for the center room. Pictured above is a collage of the rough idea.  The biggest difference is ours will be much more fun in appearance.

As luck would have it we just so happened to have this old wooden boat buried in our shed.  We pulled it out and popped it on a table at the back of the studio.  Some of the color will work but a few cosmetic changes are in order.

The old chipping white paint on the hull is great but we need a bit of red.  The periwinkle blue trim was changed out for an aqua blue.

The ships wheel needed some repairs.  I'm happy to say it turns again.  

The deck and cabin roof were painted a wood tone.  It will be a bit warmer than the periwinkle and green of before.

So watch for the next stage of the boat project...  It's definitely a fun one.


  1. I'm amazed at all the stuff you keep finding for your studio, I'd never be out of the place if I lived anywhere near!

  2. love the way a little bit of paint wakes that up!

  3. Looks great Chris. Can't wait to get the red sail on there. Jeanne informed us that Chinese Junks always have red sails. Good to know! But of course ours will be weather faded.

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  5. This is amazing! I love it....I've done an egyptian boat before and an odd-shaped one that I painted in the style of Odilon Redon...with flowers and weird creatures--then I've made two of these recycled junk boats. You have inspired me to create something asian; Thank you!


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