Saturday, June 18, 2011

Boat Project Continued

~ Paper Boat ~

If you have been following the progress of the boat project at hutch, we last left off waiting for a sail for the little old wooden boat I repainted.  Well when the sail arrived, attached to the boat and placed in the room it was enormous.  Almost reaching the ceiling and blocking a great deal of light into the room it just wasn't going to work in the space.  A second plan of a wooden rocker crib shaped like a boat didn't work either.  What do I turn to in an emergency......CARDBOARD!  I began to pull out any big old boxes I could find, fired up the trusty glue gun and began to cut.

I have to say I never built a boat before.  As a child I was more of a car guy, but being from Rhode Island "The Ocean State" where there are more boats than cars, and helping my grandfather every 4 years refinish the boat that never left his yard gave me an advantage visualizing this task.  Here is the bottom with ribs attached.

 Next I began to cut strips and attaching them to the sides.  This is when the boat really started to take shape.

Adding small details at the bow and stern was a little bit of a nod to movie director Tim Burton who always has had a thing for the spiral.  Also the boat would be zigging and zagging without a sturdy rudder.

Slapping a fresh coat of paint on the cardboard brought the vessel to life.  Trimming in aqua and red and of course drenching it in a bath of coffee completed the basic boat.  What's left you ask?  I think I'll add some words to the aqua trim, float it over a paper sea, and make tattered sails to catch the hutch winds.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Closed this Sunday.

~ Closed on Sunday ~
I regretfully have to say that the shop will be closed to visitors on Sunday, June 6th.  I will see you again when we open as usual next Wednesday.
Have a great weekend!
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