A “hutch” being a house for bunnies seemed to be the perfect name for the old Victorian on Morris Street in La Conner. This grand structure had been the first retail showplace for “Bunnies By The Bay", a company that had designed and produced collectible stuffed animals (bunnies to be exact) and home décor items beginning in the 1980's. Over the years The business has evolved beyond those much loved bunnies and decided to turn carrots towards the future. A house of design was formed to embody the whimsical spirit on which the company began as well as a possible view into its creative future. The exterior and yard of the old Victorian house are a visual treat. Found object whirligigs spin in the breeze all along the front fence. Walk through the front door and you enter a shop and gallery with a look and feel that speaks to the “maker” in all of us.  Handmade arts and crafts that grab hold of our imagination and even bring us back to our childhood are thoughtfully displayed in a soothing environment of character and history.
  What is truly interesting about hutch is that it’s a creative thinkery. A space where there are no limitations placed on the creative thought process.        
  The studio is also a working space where thoughtful and imaginative ideas are developed and things are made by hand. To inspire others to be creative is also one of hutch's goals.  Our plan is to come up with fun and interesting ideas and develop “Make It Yourself” kits and patterns based on these ideas. Someone can see the finished product on our blog and be inspired to make it. 
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