Monday, October 1, 2012

Frames of Cardboard

~ Frames of Cardboard ~

My love of paper (cardboard) to be more specific is well documented but making frames has been one of my favorite things to make with this versatile material.  As you first enter Hutch you see several examples of how unique and creative these frames can be. A lot of people think they look like wood.  Pictured above is the "Picket Fence" frame which is the largest measuring 29 by 34 inches.

This is the "Bunny Pulling Carrot" frame and a reproduction of the original that was purchased not too long ago along with the original of the below pictured "Sewing Bunny" frame.  Both of the originals had applied white paint that gave them a sense of light.  I mostly hand cut using scissors and and x-acto knife but I'm trying to utilize a die-cut machine to make things more efficient.  Besides selling them in the shop we have monthly workshops here at Hutch. It's a super creative and fun time.

So get your glue guns ready and sign up for a workshop now!


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