Monday, August 22, 2011

Paper Bride Part 1

~ Paper Bride Part I ~
the boat train

I have to say the part of this project that was the most fun for me was creating the water like paper train with pop up fishing boat.  I wasn't at all sure if I could manipulate the heavy paper of the charts to make convincing waves.  

Wave by wave I began scrunching and folding the chart being very careful not to capsize the boat.

I have to say I had to do a wee bit of reinforcing to keep the boat afloat.  Very thin strips of card stock are glued to the back for support and rigid strength.

The paper train flows behind the bride like ocean waves.  I hope she catches one.


  1. this is so wonderful...i love it!

  2. It sure floats my boat! ~Adore~

  3. Oh my goodness, that is fabulous!

  4. Wonderful! I LOVE your creations!

    "The paper train flows behind the bride like ocean waves. I hope she catches one." this is hilarious!

    I remember when I was single.. people used to tell me that 'the train' was going to leave me for good lol


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