Friday, August 12, 2011

The paper bride

~ The Paper Bride ~

A little while ago a few of us hutch minds were discussing ideas about story telling  and in particular the story of our company's original inspiration "Elsa".  She was the grandmother of our company founders Krys and Suzanne and a seamstress of dresses, gowns, and just about anything she could think up.  I wanted to come up with a very special object that married her family connection to "fishing" with her passion for creating beautiful dressess.  Pictured here is the bride that I constructed out of many old nautical charts.   Being a fan of the competitive design show "Project Runway" I couldn't help but pretend I was in one of there crazy "think outside of the box" challenges.   I took many photos of this project and I'm sure there will be many posts to follow.  If you notice the cut out fishing boat casting it's net in the train of the dress,  I like to think she is trying to catch a good one.


  1. This is simply incredible. I just adore what you have done. Kudos, kudos and even more kudos! Gave me goosebumps in the best way!

  2. Good grief...this is fabulous. I am a huge fan of paper dresses and this is just one of the best. She looks like she has her life all mapped out.

  3. You have won the challange!! You are safe!!
    You have immunity for the next challange!!

  4. Absolutely breathtaking! Outstanding!


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