Monday, February 27, 2012

A creative group of Whirligiggers!

~ A Fun & Creative Bunch of Whirligig Makers ~

Well, I have to say that I won'y forget this whirligig workshop.  I little while ago I received an email from one of these women, let's call her Jenny F., who had driven by our studio and was so excited to see that we held workshops in how to make our whimsical whirligigs by repurposing old stuff.  She is an artist who uses old tin objects in her art so her head is already in that "recycled" space.  It didn't take her long to get a few friends on board to fill a workshop.  This was a fun crew.  They all are artists that deal with recycling and repurposing in their work and I would suggest checking out what they do by visiting their sites and blogs.  Here is what they created that day.

                  Jenny Fillius                                Deborah Paul

           Ross Palmer Beecher                        Diane Kurzyna

Meeting new people and getting to know them a bit is something I really enjoy about the workshops at hutch.  Thanks to Jenny and the fact that she is so nice and has many friends future whirligig workshops are filling up fast.  So give me a call or email and maybe you can get in on one.

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  1. Your whirligigs are amazing. How fascinatingly creative you are. Your newest follower, Steve :)
    I'm new to blogging, just started yesterday. Please come visit and if your inclined to follow I would welcome you with open arms.


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