Friday, February 17, 2012

Paper House Light Workshop

~ Paper House Light Workshop ~

It was cold and rainy outside today, but inside Hutch it was warm, cozy, and full of creative activity.  The second workshop devote to the spectacular Paper House Light took place in the center room.  Book pages were carefully selected and then folded and formed into delicate houses.  By the end of day as it became darker outside, the room illuminated with the glow of these lights.

Normally in the 3 hour time frame of the workshop we can complete a 12 house light similar to the red one pictured above or the cream one below.

But if you are very fast and ambitious you may want to tackle a big light like the first one pictured or the one that was recently featured on the HGTV design show "Dear Genevieve".

So if you like cutting and folding fun paper and uniquely fantastic lights give hutch a call to sign up for the next workshop.  There will be one on March 14th and one on April 11th.  ring #360-202-5276


  1. This is amazing work. Loving the warmth.

  2. Wow, this is pretty incredible! Love all your work with giving paper dimension. In fact, I've given you a Liebster Award for being such an inspiration. Stop by for details, and thanks for posting your projects!

  3. Love it! But isn't it dangerous? Like the paper catching on fire?


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