Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Garden Club Whirligigs

~ Garden Club Whirligigs ~
The latest whirligig workshop consisted of members of the Woodinville Garden Club and we had been planning this for over a year.  I knew that they would be excited and ready to go.

And it was very true....whenever someone pre paints objects for their whirligig I know that they've been thinking and planning for a while.  Love the color!

Hustling and bustling in the studio!

Here, Cindy and I are discussing the proportions on her gig.

Adding a second hub created more height and distance between wind catchers.

They were a fun but very focused group, which is the perfect combination of both maker and whirligig.

A great whirligig needs to focus the wind's energy and be fun to look at.

I always like it when a parent and their child sign up for a workshop.  That's quality time and a great memory.

Dangling items from wire is a technique that has been utilized a few times over the years, but placing a copper tub at top and drilling random holes in the side walls to create a leaky tub effect was a workshop first. 

So many tiny little screws and washers.

Sometimes things happen in an unplanned way.  Like not being able to use a particular object because it was made of stainless steel and having to substitute a different item.  In this case the unplanned red tin added a color element to the whirligig.  I like it!

Thanks Woodinville Whirligig Team!
And a special thanks to Rebecca Love for volunteering and being the photographer that captured all these nice pictures.

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  1. These are wonderful. Remind me of the ones at the Gehrke Windmill Garden!


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