Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chris has been busy at his kiln...
Rainy day bunny.
available soon...


  1. Oh I love this little fellow!!
    Too cute!:D

    Just became a follower here.

    Joy and laughter,


  2. Oh my goodness! Is this little guy adorable or what!? Too cute!
    Patricia :o)

  3. Oh my, I just love this little guy! Thanks for stopping by my blog and the words of encouragement on puppy training. Darcy is doing quite well so far.
    I am exhausted, reminds me of the "newborn" days!

  4. Oh thank you for visiting my blog, You have that lovely store Bunnies by the Bay? I have loved your stuff and wished I lived close so I could come visit every day. I love your whimsical designs so much. Was it Country Living or Victoria that did a lovely piece or maybe it was all of them, I used to sit with the magazine and go over each design. I think what I love the most is you love what you do and that speaks to me.
    I feel honored that you would read my bather.
    :) I will be stopping by to enjoy your blog.
    Thanks so much you made my day.


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