Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Paper Boat Finale!

~ Paper Boat Finale ~

Once upon a time I made a boat out of recycled cardboard and scrap fabric.  Here is how the project concluded......
To tell a little story I painted words on both sides of the boat - "Once upon a bay a boy sailed away on a toy.  As the boat sailed away the boy would sing and play."

I then continued the story telling by cutting out words within the paper waves that popped up from the table.

After it was finished all that was left is to decide what to display on this display.  We made a bunch of very soft and sweet sailor bunnies that sit inside the boat as well as sail along side in their very own paper boats made from nautical charts.

I almost forgot to mention the "sail".  I coffee dyed some very sheer cotton fabric and stitched it to narrow strips of cardboard leaving the edges very rough.  After tearing a few holes I patched them with pieces of scrap fabric and stamped anchors and boat wheels on them.  To attach the sail I used the wires that suspend the boat over the table.  I'm not sure if these pictures do the reality justice so if you want to experience this elaborate tabletop display in person you will just have to pay us a visit at Hutch soon. 


  1. You guys have done great job. You have made such a nice paper boat. It looks really cool.

  2. Ahoy Matey! That boat is phenomenal. I would sail the high seas in it if I really did an amazing job on it.

  3. The boy would sing and play.What was the 1st word ?BoatParadise Boats for Sale

  4. I just love this! Thanks for the awesome inspiration!

  5. I think I need one of these in my studio...I have "boatload" of cardboard!! Wonderful, really...

  6. Can you share how you made it? Are there instructions somewhere?

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