Tuesday, November 29, 2011

December Whirligig Workshop!

~ December Whirligig Workshop! ~
"Make your tree this season be a whirligig"

Sign up now for the December whirligig workshop at Hutch!  Pictured above are a few gigs that were made by participants in a recent workshop.  Wouldn't you like to create your very own whimsical wind spinner for your yard.  Don't let your new year be whirligigless.  I know that December is a particularly busy month for most but making a gig on a Saturday can be a great stress reliever.  It could also be a great gift for a special someone.  The workshop is a hands on all day fun fest and all the structural and  mechanical parts are supplied for you.  All you need to bring is the fun stuff to attach to the structure and  catch the wind.  A distictive" Topper" object is also required.  Give me a call as soon as possible if you would like to sign on up.

Whirligig 101
Date: Saturday, December 17th
Location: HUTCH in La Conner
Age Level: Ages 14 and up *Must be able to handle a power drill.
Time: 11:30am- 4:30pm
Cost: $85. for a single spinner
         $100. for a double spinner

Contact: Chris for more info or to sign up #360-202-5276


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