Saturday, November 12, 2011

When it rains, slugs come out to play...

While it's true, there are a TON of slugs in the NW, they aren't all slimy & gross. Really... they aren't. There is a particular variety that comes from the attic of your favorite grandma & hutch studio. They are sweet, cozy, & extremely lovable. These three slugs have been made from vintage chenille bedspreads & sauntered out to play today. 

I made my very first slug for our son, Sayer when he was about 6months. It became his favorite lovey & is very well traveled & loved. Since then, I've been making them for KLTworks. I just made these this weekend exclusively for hutch studio. It seemed fitting as the weather is quite rainy & blustery. They are currently in the hutch studio etsy shop.  
Hope everyone is having a nice & cozy weekend! Just thought I would pop by & say hi. 


  1. While I am not normally a fan of slugs.......
    I have to say, these are adorable!!

  2. All these slugs are nice and very beautiful. Really you have great talent I must this. Thanks to green Vintage.

    wmv editor


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