Sunday, November 20, 2011

"Mrs. Picklefish"

 ~ Mrs. Picklefish ~

Sometimes coming up with a title for something is really challenging and other times it is super easy.  I've been working on the whirligig at hutch for a while now, using it as a demo gig during workshops.  One day a woman mentioned that a fish mold that I had painted dark green looked like a pickle and she was right about that.  A while later, when I was playing around with putting a coffee pot on the top, I inverted it to see how it would visually work.  I saw it as a head straight off and "Mrs. Picklefish" was born.  She is a single rotating gig that measures 26" tall from the base and 14" wide and deep.  It will be for sale in our etsy shop as soon I figure out what the shipping costs will be.  I guarantee that this gig will spin like crazy. In the meantime, check out some of the fun vintage finds that Kristin just found for the shop!


  1. Well, I wish could buy this rotating fish from etsy shop. Best thing is that its gig will spin like crazy.

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