Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shadows of hutch Part 1

There's something about shadows that has always excited me.  Maybe it's the fact that they are all about the moment, destined to move or fade away with the light.
Since starting hutch studio, I've noticed some really amazing shadows.  I think that it's result of the perfect combination of great natural light through many windows with interesting window coverings and objects within the space.  In this post I want to share a few of my favorites.  The first is a shadow of flowers and leaves on the floor on a sunny morning in May.  It was our "Rainflowers" paper window covering creating the pattern.

This shadow was cast on the wall next to a wooden stand that had a small standing plush bird wearing a hat and carrying a treasure in it's beak. Oddly, in the afternoon of the day the picture was taken, someone purchased the bird.  It's not the bird in this lonely shadow anymore.

This was a shadow that was brought to my attention by a visitor to the studio.  It's a squirrel climbing down a tree branch from the hutch "winter window" pattern that hangs in the front door window.  This happens during the morning hours when the sun shines.

We definitely have some great old dress forms in the shop that we use for display.  This is the shadow that a wire mesh dress form that stands up against a wall in our side porch.  I liked the contrast of the linear weave pattern against the organic contour of the dress form.

One sunny morning as I was beginning the hutch day, I looked down at my work table and there it was.  Right under my coiled wire, shadows were cast from a small paper cut hanging in a window.  Flowers standing almost as they were growing up from the table's front edge.  I was tempted to grab some paint and a brush and quickly paint the shadow onto the table.  Maybe that's a future hutch project "Shadow Paintings".
If you stop by the studio for a visit you may be able to view one of these shadows in person.  Or maybe you can discover a totally new one.  Stay tuned for more shadow pictures to come. I'm curious which one of these shadows was your favorite?

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