Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A tiny collection

Krys and I are currently putting together a small collection of tiny items that will be presented at the upcoming NY gift show.  The subject matter is animals, children, nature, and old book print. The materials we are using are paper, fabric, and wire.  The grouping will be displayed in a beautiful old suitcase.  Very "hutchy"!  The picture above is the latest version of the "Bunny Girl Cabin"
The grass and figure silhouettes are now printed onto the paper walls instead of hand cut out of paper *refer to last blog post..

I've made many of these "Sweet Little Tweets" at the studio, but this is the most recent version.  The base is now made from cardboard rather than old metal lids, and the birds are made of painted "oven bake" clay rather than glazed porcelain.
I'm always asking myself "Could someone make this at home?"  Sometimes changing the material or process can make a big difference.  One last tweak is changing the old sheet music ling the cage to the same old book print that you see on the walls of the paper cabin.

 This is a vase of flowers that is made by repurposing cardboard paper rolls.  The flower children are pencils with printed faces and colored paper petals and leaves.  I think that the pencils might be packaged and sold separately so you could pick which and how many flower children you want to put in your vase.
What do you think so far?  All of these items will soon be available for purchase in our "shop" section.

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