Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Cardboard Christmas

Cardboard has definitely been the repurposed material of choice at hutch studio, and the holidays couldn't happen for us without a cardboard tree.  We have them in every room and I've painted a few with some of our wall colors.  After all paper can be embellished in endless ways.  My plan was to make this tree a DIY project for repurposing an old cardboard box.  The response to the tree has been overwhelming and I will have a very limited supply available in the next couple of days.  The shapes are drawn on a flattened box and your job is to cut out the shapes and assemble the finished tree. It measures 31 inches tall by 20 inches wide by 18 inches deep. $24.00  *They are an in-store only item because let's face it shipping a flat box in a box is a bit silly.
So pop in soon to be one of a few to have this cool creation in your home.

The art deco inspired starburst tree-topper is the most recent addition to the holiday cardboard items.  It is 11"h x 8'w x 8" d and easily slips onto the tip of your tree.  Now here's a topper that makes a visual and an environmental statement. Next year you could even do something different to the surface (gold leaf perhaps).  Now that would be upcycled!  $18.

Are you having trouble finding the perfect gift for that person who loves the environment and gadgets?  Well I had to make this little number.  A cardboard phone stand that allows you to set your phone up at your desk.  And you can plug in the charger and still use it.  I love mine.  $14. Cardboard phone not included.

To inquire about or order any of these items give me a call at the studio.  #360-466-2303


  1. That tree is wonderful! It's as if you're giving cardboard life again, and one-last-chance to be what it once was!

    Yes, I agree, so silly to send a flattened box in a box so it ends up in a letterbox.

  2. wonderful use of cardboard.
    simply wonderful!


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