Friday, December 17, 2010


Around the holidays one can easily get grinchy with all the added stresses.  The crowds, the long lines, the traffic, and the expenses can turn the most jovial person into a humbug.  Yesterday however I had a very heart warming surprise.  A large envelope was delivered to me at hutch.  It was from someone who had visited the studio recently and knew that I was looking for old  children's books to repurpose.  Sure enough, inside the envelope were the pages from an old children's book.  I mean "old".  I couldn't find an actual print date, but I'm guessing the 1920's.  It was a soft back children's story/activity book with great "hutch colors" and graphics.

There is so much about these pages that inspire ideas. What truly inspires me more than the content in these fragile pages is the gesture.  This person didn't have to do this but she did.  It's these small acts that can make you believe in the goodness of people.  Not to mention the "Greatness" of hutch studio fans.  You are all the best and I meet new one's all the time.  If you haven't had a chance to visit the studio in person, make a point of stopping by over the holidays.  You may want to give a call first to make sure that our door will be open. #360-466-2303

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  1. What a lovely gesture, this is what Christmas is all about! :) Happy holidays to you and yours! xo


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