Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Under The Tree

A few weeks ago I was musing about holiday trees.  I wanted to make a sweet little table top decoration that utilized all these little paper coins that I cut out of an old book.  I usually just scan the tables and shelves in the studio to come up with the other ingredients for the recipe.  Cardboard, wire, moss, dowels, and glitter were the materials of choice that day. 
After the tree was complete it still needed something else.  A teeny tiny field mouse to nestle in the moss was the ticket.  I made three and they were purchased within the week.  I made 3 more and that will probably be it but that's what I always say.  They are approximately 7" in height.  $26.00
Give me a ring at the studio for info. #360-466-2303


  1. You make such lovely things! This tree is too cute and would make such a special table top decoration. Just lovely.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. Grandkids are the best! I really LOVE your artwork!!

  3. Oh, it's so adorable. I love your book paper creations!!!

  4. I found this via Pinterest and used it as a craft project to do with my girls.

    Thanks for the inspiration.


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