Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Color Inspiration

~ Color ~
I've never considered myself to be particularly good when it comes to using color.  I've painted the walls in my own house numerous times because my opinion on the colors always seem to change.  My wife and I recently bought a new orange sofa to replace a bright blue one that we've lived with for ten years by covering it up with a neutral slip cover.  The colors of hutch studio seem to be the one's that I'm drawn to over and over again.  They seem to transport my mind back in time and take me away to a space of memories.  A calm feeling in contrast to the bustle of the outside world.  My focus in this post is going to be (tan/yellow/gold), red, and black.  This color combination when applied to objects of age seems to always appeal to me.  The red and golden hues are very warm and the black gives it that graphic "coolness".
I just looked around the studio for things that had these common factors.  Some are objects that inspire me, some are props, and some are tools.  You can discover all of the following items here and there at the studio if you look hard enough.
Isn't this Buster Brown shoe box lid great? In this instance the darker red provides the contrast in the graphics. I love the simple line drawings of the children playing.  And yes the original shoes are still within.  
There something about old rulers and hand tools.  The wood is warmer because it has been well used and touched.  Add the old worn paint and it's a winning combo in my color book.  What color combinations get you excited?


  1. i know that different colours have a huge effect on me.
    enjoyed you colour combination photos.
    i have noticed that certain colours tend to gather themselves together in my house from time to time without me really thinking about it.

    perhaps i should actually think on it a little more...

    the package arrived today!

  2. I love these pictures you took. I respond to this combo too. I think for that same reasons. For me, this combo takes my mind to the circus... the tickets, chipped paint- typography. Color makes me giddy- so it's hard to narrow down the combos that I respond to. But this is up there in my top 10. I'm always fond of grey, yellow, white, black. I love orange, hot pink, & purple too. Oh, I could go on & on. Great post Chris!

  3. I love these photos I took. Respond to this combination as well. I think for the same reasons.Nice color combination. I realized that certain colors tend to gather at my house from time to time but I really think about it.

  4. I like your picture. I think that not only chalk panel, dry eraser color but you can also make a magnet walls, a walls that will carry material with magnates.

  5. I am in love with images. Great colour combinations. I love the simple line drawings of the kids playing.

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