Friday, February 11, 2011

"Put A Bird On It"

~Put A Bird On It~
"Sweet Tweet"
Glazed Porcelain Bird
in a  wire cage.
3.5"h x 3"w

A few weeks ago, my wife who spends a great deal of time in the blogosphere came across a video from a new television show called "Portlandia".  It was titled "Put A Bird On It", and featured Fred Armisen from SNL, playing one of a pair hired to tweak a design boutique.  Their solution to all sad and ordinary things was to put a bird on it and it would be magically transformed into something desirable.  I know the reason that this is sooooo funny to me is that I know how true it is and I certainly use the "bird" at the studio quite a bit.  Pictured above is an early version of a "Sweet Tweet" which I started to make last spring to hang in the many windows of our side porch.  The red and blue seemed to be the most popular but I made them in just about every color for a while.

"Sweet Tweet"
*very early version & no longer available.

Some of the very first sweet tweets were made using oval tart tins as bases.  There is also very old sheet music lining the bottom of the cage.

"Sweet Tweet"
*Current version of design.

Every time I made a few more of these popular little guys I would change the design slightly.  The most recent (pictured above) has a base made from repurposed cardboard and the bird is made from painted fimo clay rather than glazed porcelain.  I personally prefer the matt surface on the bird, but what do you think?  I'm not sure if I will be making more of these birds but that's what I always say.  There are still a few left in the shop so give me a call if you are interested in purchasing one.  They're cute wherever they hang or sit.   360-466-2303

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  1. That vid is hilarious! I must admit, I am loving the red glazed birdie.. the pop of red is so cheery. These are great!


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