Friday, February 25, 2011

The Latest Spin

~ The Latest Spin ~

For those of you that haven't visited hutch studio for the past few months I wanted to show you the new whirligigs that are spinning outside on the fence and inside as well.  The first is titled "Cookin With Steam" and it's a (double spinner), meaning it has two levels of wind catchers that rotate in opposite directions simultaneously. Oh it's as cool as it sounds.  It's also made from a vintage toy washing machine and is topped with an antique steam iron. $325. In store pick up only.

"Sail Star" isn't super new but it has been recently refurbished.  Paint was applied to the jumping fish molds and the boat masts were reinforced.  This one FLYS when the wind is blowing. $250. In store pick up only.

This one is the most recent gig.  "Starbird" is her name and she is a double spinner topped by a super cool aluminum deco styled tea kettle (with a bluebird spout).  I've been waiting to use this pot for a while.  I just put this one out on the fence last week and it quickly became the best mover to date.  $200. In store pick up only. I hope that these fun wind spinners get you to plan a little trip out to La Conner soon for a studio visit.  I also offer whirligig workshops that are one day creative blasts.  Click on the "Workshop" underneath the blog header for more info.  You to could have a whirligig spinning on your fence this season. call 360-466-2303


  1. OMG, how i wish i lived over there, i would buy them all ! Greetz Lejo (Holland)

  2. Yuppers,
    this is what i was talking about!
    I love, love, love these whirligigs!

  3. Oh my the top one is to die for!


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