Sunday, February 20, 2011

Illustrated Drum Shades

~ Illustrated Light Shades ~
One day I was organizing one of the rooms at the studio used to store just about everything and sitting on top of a precarious pile of old lamps were a few newer looking drum shades.  I'm assuming someone had bought them with a plan, but had abandoned the project.  Inspired by a children's book that my wife and son had recently given to me as a gift I decided to use the simple white surface of the shade as if it were a wrapped piece of paper to draw on. I first did a very light pencil sketch followed by line drawing with a fine point black sharpie marker.  Subtle color was added with watercolors.
Because some of the themes at the studio incorporate children, nature, and animals, that's what I used as subject matter.  The first lampshade pictured a little boy and a bird, a little girl and a squirrel, and trees with an acorn.
It really made a sweet light for a nursery or small child's room.
Well, someone else thought the same thing and bought it.  The room got dark after that so I had to come up with another one quick.  It was early spring and the mole hills were treacherous in the back yard so I thought Moles and Daffodils would be a great combo. Oh yeah, and a little girl and boy too.
I love a challenge, and to make a mole cute is exactly that.  Can you picture this little dude doing a little "Caddyshack" dance?  This lamp is still the center piece in our "sweet room" at the studio.  It retails for $150. call 360-466-2303 or stop into the studio to see it in person.

I'm thinking the next one is going to have "pink tulips", bunnies, a little girl, and a little boy.  What do you think? Should the little girl have curly red hair?
I also want to share a secret with you.  The magical ingredient that I add to so many things that I make in the studio is............

I put it in myself as well.
It adds the right warmth to white and tones down colors that are a little too bright.  Give it a swirl!  No cream or sugar.


  1. Absolutely charming that shade. On my wish list of things I would love to make. Thank you for sharing your beautiful art*!*

  2. oh WANT! i'm so in debt from the iMac i just bought my husband, but in 3 months when i can start buying things again... ;]

  3. still attempting to catch my breath..........

  4. Absolutely lovely shade. In my wish list of things I love to do. Thanks for sharing your beautiful art. I get ideas for my drum. I can paint the same way. It will different looks to drums. Keep sharing these innovative ideas.

  5. Very simple yet elegant shades. You have done appreciating art. Keep sharing such unique concept.

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