Tuesday, March 8, 2011

DIY Paper Cut Project

"Oval Flower Window Frame"

At the studio we have a long side porch lined with windows.  I knew that these windows would be a great place for an eye catching visual element that could grab the attention of passers-by. I began making tiny birds in wire cages that I could hang in every window. To draw more attention to them I decided to frame them in a oval paper cut.  It was spring so flowers popped into my head immediately. 

Well they did attract customers in to the shop but The birds were hardly noticed.  Everyone wanted to know if the paper cut outs were for sale.  I am happy to announce that a pattern and instructions for the "Make It Yourself" paper cut project.

Now available for purchase- $8. and is listed in our "shop" section on our blog. Stop by or just give me a ring at 360-466-2303.


  1. And yet another lovely idea, your creativity has no bounds :)

  2. what a cool porch full of window light!
    i like to see your window paper designs.

  3. Really amazing window. I like the concept of Oval Flower Window Frame. It will definitely attract any one. You have done appreciating art work. Thanks for sharing!
    Debt Advice

  4. how flippin fabulous kris! xo malia


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