Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cardboard Creations

Well the floor has been piling up with cardboard scraps over the past couple of days.  I'm working on a couple different projects right now.  One is a shed that will be in a bunnies by the bay window display and the other is a large dollhouse that will be in our own sweet room here at the studio.  Both are pictured below during the construction phase.

The shed has a bunny weathervane on top which gave me the idea to make a front fence with hutch whirligigs for the dollhouse.

The construction of both is complete.  Today I primed the paper so that I can begin the surface painting. I will continue to chronicle this project with more pictures.  I will leave you with a view of the spacious interior and a full view of the dollhouse.

Cardboard is cool.

Chris "Cardboard Man"


  1. I'm so inspired by all you do. Now if you could only package and sell talent I'd be Thrilled! !

  2. it's cool when you cut it.

  3. IT IS COOL, especially with your magic touch! Love the Hutch!

  4. Really wonderful ideas. I like these concept and I am appreciating you for this. Keep sharing such ideas. I like the Hutch!
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  5. I love this Chris. How big can you go? Cardboard CITY!

  6. Did u ever finish this w paint? Would luv to see it..


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