Saturday, March 26, 2011

Vintage Inspiration "Green"

~ Vintage Inspiration ~

There were some really great green items hidden in the nooks and crannies here at hutch.  How about this black and green electric range?  This was for the really serious little cook.  I would imagine it could brew a fine kettle of tea or bake a mini lasagna.  I'm not going to plug it in though.

Red always seems to be the perfect accent to green.  Here are a few cool finds with that pop of red.  The Betsy Ross electric sewing machine in the upper right corner is a "serious" toy like the Empire stove.

This last bit of green is a "Dump Trac" pull cart.  I would of loved to fill this with all sorts of things when I was knee high to a green grasshopper.


  1. My head just went kaboink! I'm really loving your color collages of these wonderful hutch finds! I know someone who would love that little green "Dump Trac".

  2. probably a wise choice not to plug in the stove... fun finds!

  3. We have one of those mini electric ranges and we have been looking everywhere for one just to find out what it is.. Do you know the name and possibly who makes it?


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