Saturday, March 19, 2011

Another Whirl

"Another Whirl"

A little less than a year ago I constructed this whirligig using a few old metal toys. I suspended the toys below using bicycle spokes that I collect when removing hubs from rims.  After putting it outside on our fence and watching the upper course of cans struggle to rotate in a good wind I realized that there was just too much weight on the perimeter.  I brought the whirligig into the studio a little while ago and I've been slowly redesigning it.  I just finished and put it out to spin this morning.

The new design is horizontal which fits the space under our sign better and I moved the lower toys to a separate hub and rim making it a double rotating gig.  I also spruced it up with a bit of paint.  I can't wait for the next really breezy day to see it fly like the wind.  It is for sale.  Give me a ring #360-466-2303 

1 comment:

  1. I love your projects wish I could attend one in person. Just ordered your plans for a whiligig can't wait to get them.


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