Sunday, March 6, 2011

Studio Demos

Can ceramics make you happy?

April Demos may bring smiles.

It will be raining "process" in the month of April at hutch studio. We are planning some creative and magical demonstrations during the month that will definitely be something not to miss. I (Chris Theiss) will be giving a demo on how to throw clay forms on the potters wheel.  Exactly "what" I will make is yet undecided, but I'll give you a little hint.  Have you ever seen a rabbit pulled out of a hat?  Whatever it is it will be fun to watch and no I won't be playing the "Unchained Melody" song from "Ghost" during the demo.
Throwing on the Potters Wheel ~ Chris Theiss
Sunday, April 10th- 1-3pm
hutch studio 
La Conner, WA

"Thread Drawing"
One of the many benefits to being married to creative "genius" that is Kristin Loffer Theiss is the fact that she is willing from time to time to come by the studio and demonstrate her artistic skills on a sewing machine.  In a very intense exercise of visual concentration she moves a "blank" piece of canvas back and forth under the needle of a chugging sewing machine building an image with a continuous unbroken line of stitches.  AMAZING RIGHT?  Amazing to watch for sure.
So plan a trip to La Conner during the month of April and remember that's "TULIP TIME" in the Skagit Valley so there is plenty to see and do. The following is a video of the last demonstration that Kristin did for hutch studio. Please don't be confused by the date on the video. 

Thread Drawing ~ Kristin Loffer Theiss
Sunday, April 17th- 2-3pm
hutch studio
617 Morris St.
La Conner, WA


  1. about the "thread drawing": no way!
    really? no lines to follow?
    did i already say, "no way!"

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