Saturday, September 29, 2012

Back in the day we used typewriters.

~ Back in the day we used typewriters. ~

We've had a few old typewriters kicking around the shop for some time now and I always get a kick out of all the conversation that they conjure with customers.  It's an age and time thing.  Older patrons may recall using a similar machine themselves once upon a time.  For the middle ager they may trigger a memory of parents or grandparents typing away.  For the children in the shop they are an unknown, an artifact, or an object of curiosity.  It's always explained to them that these are what people used before computers were invented to make writing faster.  They are amazed!

All 3 of these machines are for sale and available in the shop.  Prices from top to bottom are $60.00, $100.00,& $55.00.  Call 360-466-2303 or email to inquire.
Tickety Tick Tick!

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