Saturday, September 22, 2012

Whimsical Windows

~ Whimsical Windows ~

Not too long ago I stopped into Hutch and found our creative leader Krys Kirkpatrick busy as a bee in the bay windows of the aqua room.  She was magically transforming the windows into delightful floral frames with bunnies, ducks, and mushrooms.  

She painted them on the inside and went back into the painted images by scratching lines. I think it is so important to experiment when it comes to art. Krys definitely gets it and it's the only way to discover new things.  And it's fun!

 A snail peeks from in between two magical mushrooms. Would't you want to go in and see what else is in store? 

I love when the sunshine beams through the window panes casting fun shadows on the sill.  Also seeing through to the bushes and flowers moving in the breeze brings it all to life.

So Sweet!

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