Sunday, September 23, 2012

Paper House Lights at Hutch

~ Paper House Lights at Hutch ~

1963 Good Housekeeping Cookbook House Light,  21"x 15"x 15",   $185.

The paper house light has been something that has always received a great deal of attention both here in the shop and on line. I remember when I first posted the image below on the internet. It was everywhere in no time. The exact light pictured below was featured on an episode of "Dear Genevieve" on HGTV a year ago and I sadly have not seen it yet.  They are for sale in the shop and I still plan on making it a DIY kit at some point but for now the workshops that teach others how to make the light are what's popular.  To see the current schedule of hutch workshops just click on "workshops" on our blog's main page.


Oh the shadows.....  If you have a dark space to hang the light, like a corner close to 2 walls, you take full advantage of it's shadow casting abilities and magic.

World Atlas House Light,  15"x 13"x 13",   $160.

This light is made out of a old World Atlas. You may be able to locate your place in the world on one of the houses.  The paper is a little thicker and not as translucent compared to the cookbook lights, but it has soft color pallet of blues, greens, and yellows.

Gail, one of my favorite workshoppers has taken this class twice and created two beautiful lights.  Both creations were very thoughtful.  The first repurposed maps that were specifically places that her daughter had been.  It was a graduation gift.  The second, a detail shown below.  Was machine stitched pages from "Pride and Prejudice" a favorite of her daughter.  Another gift.  It's obvious that she loves her daughters a great deal and  I'm sure they love their special gifts from mom.

So don't you want to check out the upcoming workshop schedule and sign up to make your own paper house light now?  Just go for it!


  1. These are awesome and personal lights. Thanks for sharing ... can't wait to try this!

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